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Pipeline Upgrade Works

DATE: February to March, 2021

Case Study ID: DGCS-1

PROJECT: Sunwater Pipeline Upgrade

LOCATION: Martinus Gas Easement – Glenden



SCOPE: Installation of reinforcing collars, abrasive blast, and Canusa Wrapid Heat Shrink Sleeve System application.

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These works were completed within 7 working days within required surface preparation requirements and stringent atmospheric parameters. All works were completed ahead of schedule with the client communicating to the team at De Goey Contractors a thanks for our excellent work. At De Goey Contractors, you’re in good hands!

Safety and Environmental Requirements

Area Setup

  • Workgroup separation – Barricading, signage, communication
  • Welding screen establishment
  • Full environmental containment erected

Reinforcing Collar Installation


Application Process: FCAW
Acceptance Criteria: AS/NZS 1554.1SP:2014
Testing/ Monitoring Requirements: Hydrostatic testing

Reinforcing Collar Installation

Preparation and trial fitment

Application Method: Removal of surface contaminants and fit Collars. Secure into position with stitch welds.
Testing/ Monitoring Requirements: Visual fit up checks, Ensuring collar flush with parent material.

Conduct Welding of Reinforcement Collars

Joint Details: Full penetration butt weld and Fillet welds applied.
Welding Parameters: Continuously surveyed via Qualified Welding Supervisor to ensure compliance to weld procedures.
Testing/ Monitoring Requirements: Visual, Magnetic Particle and Ultrasonic examination of all welds to ensure Compliance to relevant welding standards.

Surface Preparation Requirements

  • Protection established at coating margins
  • Abrasive blast to SA2.5 – Near White Metal blast and brush blast existing Sintakote coatings

Protective Coating Application


  • Butyl Primer – 50um
  • Mastic Tape – to smooth transition
  • Heat Shrink Sleeve
  • Rock Wrap Tape

Butyl Primer

Application Method: Brush/Roller
Required DFT : 50um
Testing/ Monitoring Requirements: Dry film thickness & continuous atmospheric monitoring including data logging

Mastic Tape

Application Method: Hand Application
Required DFT: N/A Testing / Monitoring
Requirements: Full visual inspection to ensure smooth transition achieved over voids and welds.

Heat Shrink Sleeve

Application Method: Hand applied and heated with butane torches uniformly until shrinking achieved.
Required DFT: N/A Testing / Monitoring
Requirements: Full visual inspection and high voltage holiday testing completed to SP0188 requirements.

Rock Wrap Tape:

Application Method: Hand applied
Required DFT :  N/A
Testing/ Monitoring Requirements: Full visual inspection to ensure uniform application with adequate coverage for mechanical damage during the backfilling process.


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