Welding Services

De Goey Contractors (DGC) provides clients with the highest quality welding services.

We pride ourselves on delivering excellence with our products and services while upholding A-class quality and safety assurances.

Top Quality Service

DGC is committed to meeting all contractual, statutory and regulatory obligations and requirements for safety, service, quality and reliability in its manufacture and installation of steel structure and piping systems. We operate a quality system based on the requirements of AS/NZS ISO 9001.

Safety First

DGC has robust training and safety awareness and promotes a Zero Harm policy. Our HSE Safety Manager has extensive knowledge about the industry and operates an in-depth safety and health management system to safeguard our people and operations. Subcontractors engaged by DGC are also accredited to the same stringent standards.


DGC is highly experienced in delivering top-quality steel fabrication, piping production and installation. We can tailor our service to suit any project, big or small. Our Paget-based facilities are fully equipped to manufacture all components/structures in all grades of carbon steel, aluminium and stainless steel, prior to onsite installation.

What We Offer

Check BoxCertified welding inspection
Check BoxPoly pipe welding and installation
Check BoxStainless pipe welding GTAW MMAW methods
Check BoxGeneral aluminium welding
Check BoxGeneral stainless pipe and structural welding
Check BoxSpooling of welded stainless steel and carbon steel piping
Check BoxFabrication and welding of light structural steel

Training and Certification

DGC is operated by fully certified staff, trained by Weld Australia (formerly the Welding Technology Institute of Australia or WTIA), including:

  • Certified International Welding Inspector
  • Certified International Welding Specialist
  • WTIA QC Welding Coordinator
  • Certified AS1796 Pressure Vessels Welding Supervisor
  • Certified AS2214 Structural Steel Welding Supervisor

Welding Procedures

De Goey Contractors follows strict welding procedures to ensure quality results.

Welding procedures held and practiced include:

  • AS/NZ3992: ASMEIX GTAW carbon/stainless steel small and large bore
  • AS/NZ3992: ASMEIX GTAW/MMAW carbon/stainless steel large bore
  • AS/NZ3992: ASMEIX GTAW/FCAW carbon/stainless steel large bore
  • AS/NZ3992: ASMEIX GMAW/FCAW carbon/stainless steel large bore
  • AS/NZ1554.1: FCAW carbon steel plate (various thicknesses)
  • AS/NZ1554.1: GMAW carbon steel plate (various thicknesses)


Phone: 07 4959 3411
Address: 23-25 Titanium Drive, Paget, Qld, 4740
Office Hours: 8am – 4pm (8am – 3pm Friday)

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